Monday, May 16, 2011


A famous Southern Writer once said, "Everything that rises must converge." Funny how certain words hit you at certain times, acting as a guiding light in a starless sky. Everything that rises must converge. All of our hopes, dreams, wants, desires thrown up there like Hiawatha's mother, tossed to the heavens. What happens when collective risings meet? When good intentions meet with other good intentions? Epiphanies? Vortexes? Change?

I am not sure just what Flannery O' Conner really meant by these words, but I know what they meant to me when I read them. There comes a time when all we dream, all we do, all we are combines in an abstract way with all we can be. These notions however vague intertwine with others and acts like a balm, an easy awakening of some forgotten sense. We are after all the sum of our intentions,