Monday, March 28, 2011


In the coldness of this winter
 I turn inside myself
and ponder the mysteries of this life
and as I sit wrapped
 in the warmth
 of lessons learned and meant to bes
my mind turns to hands
 the color of ambered honey
and a voice
 that dispels
 all thought
of sleet or snow
every movement felt
 the neck long
 the fingers deft
the strings taut
 the vibrations of inspired intention
 are liquid fire

Alabama Jazz (1)

so I dream we are sitting face to face
 in some old diner
 and for some reason
 Ellington is at the counter
 playing the piano
 and Jimmy B
. he's there too
 and we
 you and me
 are speaking in tune with their beat
.......and the heat
well it ain't from the kitchen...
but that's what happens
 when you snuggle down
 with Jazz on the brain
 on a Winter's night
 in Alabama
 broken time speaks with a drawl
 like your eyes speak to mine
 in double time
on a winter's night in Alabama

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Said the Siren (2)

Come outside and play with me
where the apples blossoms dance
the breeze holds promise
.... anything is possible
to a dreamers soul
Come outside and play with me
in these green foothills
where the grass harp
tell stories of new lovers
and vagabonds, others
like you
who write their music
across the night sky.
Come outside and play with me
can you hear me whisper
I am calling you across the way
Come outside, meet me here
Come outside and play :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

October Blue Revised

What I know for real and true...

These days clarity in most instances is a fleeting wanna be that tickles my nose and touches my hand... teasing me like the answers that float on the breeze. Everything's there you know, in the wind, every answer to every question, every tear ever shed, all the joyous laughter that greens the ages, in the air, all the time. I think Faith is a receptor... our spirits already know the ends and out of navigating the world. We just have to be open to receiving them. Open to the little sounds that the soft breezes whispher.

October blue offers a purity that is want at other times of the year. I find myself asking the really hard questions this month. The soul searching ones. The questions that lead us to choose a path at the proverbial fork in the road. Maybe it's the Harvest of more than Earths bounty, maybe it's the harvesting of our experiences. Maybe by sweet grace, every season that passes leads those of us who try to listen, a little closer to living our truest, most productive lives.

What I know for real and for true, is that answers do come. Paths and pitfalls are navigated sometimes waltzing-ly, other times bumbling and tumbling. The elegance of our journey determined by our abilities to listen to the breeze that whisphers the steps.

'Wisdom sails with wind and time' - John Florio"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

comfortably numb?

How many times do we ask ourselves as we sit behind our desks or trudge through the sludge of everyday…'What the hell am I doing and what am I doing it for?' And of course most of us do what we do for a noble reason, simply to provide for those we love. But what about our spiritual well being? What about those little nagging mid-life questions? Is what I'm doing making a difference? Is the time clock going to dictate the rhythm of my soul? If this life is truly all we get- am I making the most of mine? Is there a better way to provide for my family and be energized and fulfilled at the end of the day? These are questions that need to be addressed. Because the old adage is true—Time waits for no man.

Revisit old dreams and interests. Blow the cobwebs from those wee corners of the mind where wild abandon and childhood joy are hanging on by tiny lil threads 'cuz they know that YOU—the fearless one- will return one day to make all things aright… that YOU will realize that dreams and the pursuit of dreams is a vital function to 'LIVING TRUE'

So whatever you feel is impossible or improbable –GO FOR IT!!! People marry their lives and their dreams everyday. They simply have the gumption and fortitude and are tired of living in the limbo of comfortably numb. You're better than that—there is more out there. Seek and you shall find little one

Ask and it will be given—DON'T BE A CHICKEN SHIT!!! Cuz anything else is just giving up and giving in"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday Sing-Song

What if I strip it down to the bare bone
Inside out
so that you know
you are not alone not alone
what if I give you a free peek
at my freak show
but never without
people get ready people get ready
what if a better day's acomin
believe the liar
let it be let it be
what if shadows hold answers
obscuring bright sky
here comes the sun here comes the sun
what if night time is the right time
ya'll sing with me
with the one you love one you love
what if I am for real
your own personal Jesus personal Jesus
what if California is empty after all
we really cant
fight the moonlight fight the moonlight
what if this is our song
fascinating rhythmn fascinating rhythmn
what if this is for real
I like like this tune
mercy mercy me mercy mercy me

Random Thoughts. ♥

In betweens
The in betweens are turning out to be the sweetest.
You know the in betweens. In between growing up and growing old -
finding yourself and being found - trying to figure it all out and accepting the realities of what is. My life is in a constant state of not quite good enough.
Better job, more money. Better home, bigger yard, another guy another and set
of issues( for me anyway). Not to mention the whole if I could just loose these many pounds...yeah baby would be sweet.... ha ha hah... I laugh in the face of someday. Some of this is good. Keeps us moving keeps us striving and reaching for more. We never want to become complacent. But what if something more never turns out to be what we think it should?

YA KNOW WHAT?? It never gets figured out. Not really.Rarely are we satisfied with our lives, our bodies, our relationships, our jobs, our... you name it. We learn to adapt and live full lives in the in between moments of muddled clarity. In between this moment and someday is our life. And if we don't start living in the here and nows and savoring the in betweens, all we get is a successions of somedays.

Stripped down tho the bone of just being, a great cup of Sunday morning coffee, deadlines, blue sky.. yep... these in between days... not so bad."

Monday, March 21, 2011

For Real & True

The older I get the more I realize the less I know. Cliche, right?  It's true. We find our answers only to reach a new perspective that breeds more questions, or more times than not, we realize, our seemingly dire question, doesn't mean jack SQUAT. So, in celebration of my latest my epiphany that all is INDEED vanity and striving after the wind, here our my new truths.

1. I can't make anyone like/love/want me. I have to do/be/become these things for ME.
2. No matter WHAT, I choose how I react to this world, be it good or bad, I can manifest results through my intent- my life.
3. As adults, we are not victims of our lives. We simply make the decision to stand on the sidelines or die with our boots on.
4. God, Grace, Divinity.... is in control... he/she WANTS us to rely on ourselves, with the knowledge that all is as it should be, and if it isnt't we are being taught a lesson that will serve us in the future, so that we, in turn, may serve others.
5. Love IS all that matters.

In the Air

You say there are dreams in the air tonight
The night winds full of promise and redemption
Whirling and twirlings of mismatched hopes
Dance on the edge of beginnings
You feed my soul and fill me up
Maybe these good things will push past the fear

You say there are dreams in the air tonight
And I believe as I spin and I leap
Still unfocused in my clarity I
Watch my feet… waiting for touch down
But I have been given wings to soar
Despite grounding or proverbial thud

You say there are dreams in the air tonight
and in the prism of my be-ing
the violet notes and indigos of ancient songs
are refracted in a million shades of blue
that bathes the soul and acts as balm…
to a wearied one in search of solace

you say there are dreams in the air tonight
and in the half mooned perfume of easy summer
I settle myself into the your tune and hear
You sing without making a sound
… the beating of two becomes the rhythm of one
My reality merges with the infinite
And I believe ….

You say there are dream in the air tonight."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Burnt orange and the Northern Wind

"Kindred Spirits aren't as hard to find as they use to be. People who have a true sense of self, who walk their own path, no matter how lonely. Those who delight at the feel of the grass between their toes and the leaves in the wind are my kind of people, my TRIBE.
I hold to a personal belief that we have all passed this way before in some form or fashion. That we who connect have connected always and will continue to do so. It's odd when we receive encouragement and love from a seeming stranger, but not really. Our tribe holds us up, pushes us forward and makes us brave. But sometimes being truly sublime, unique individuals, it's hard to find true sisters and brothers outside our own front door. So we improvise and we put ourselves out there and we seek and are sought and we come together, if even for a little while to harness the energy of our powerful spirit and hopefully be more productive and less afraid.We walk the path of true kinship and are better for it. So to all my kindreds...thank you."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Story of Us

It is said that eveyone has a story. Of course this is true. What are we if not on going works of semi- fiction trying to find our path, our people, our other? Everyday we write the words, the sentences, the paragraphs, and chapters that comprise our story. True there are those who are more together, more receptive to Grace, more in tuned to the world outside their own experiences than others. I guess we all have moments of enlightment though :-) even the most clueless of the bunch- those of us who turn in circles and create art from patchworks and moonglow, have our splendid a-ha moments. So we add to the word count that constitutes a story, and share it with those who care to read, hoping that our words resonates somewhere deep inside the walls of others experience. There are those who write in meter, and those who like simple rhyme, and yet others who seems to effortlessly knock out epics every week of their lives. But sometimes, too many words and superfulous adjectives create gridlock on our pages. Maybe, just maybe we need to take a moment and let the silence speak for us. Maybe, just maybe, we need to trust that sometimes, LIFE writes our story, and not the other way around. Those of us who trust in the North Wind, don't always understand the verbage or structure of the Higher Power that edits our content, but we trust in the end, Happy Endings will come, and our stories will serve as some sort of quasi- academia for those who care to settle in for a good read on a Winter's evening."

Free form bonding

So I have decided instead of writing
another poem
about the lack of
my missing parts
my searches
my take stock of
I would let this flow
that is so
We women soar together in a flock of silken wings
and moonsongs
Searching soothing swaying moving to the rhythm
of the music of our sisterhood
offering words to
a troubled spirit ...then at least to
patch it ....mend it
sharing our coveted threads freely
like the Emperor
that haven't
they have NOTHING on
we women
we sisters of the tribe
good like that
We shes are strong
we are blessed
with Grace
along beside the waters
of discontent
we fill our cups

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sleeps with butterflies?

found this girlie...not trying to bum you out..but it's beautiful and all about the butterflies. Butterflies that transcend the petty,embrace the divine and float on grace. We need these to help clarify and purify.

What happens to our souls and our passions? What happens to butterfly kisses and anticipation of the yet to be's? Where did the people go that could inspire and be inspired?
Where are we? Sleeping with butterflies? Wake up and dream. My soul is awake and my spirit in need of fire.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rebecca Horne's Facebook Notes

Rebecca Horne's Facebook Notes


"What is your passion? What defines the confines in which your higher self is housed? You remember that person? Right? That person who still believes in love, the one who is fearless? Yes she's there, take her out and buy her an ice cream cone, with sprinkles. Nourish yourself with everything you hold sacred. Moon bathe, the full moon is in a few days ya know? A great bottle of wine, some deep sultry music and your very best Take out your daydreams or better yet your nite ones, breathe deeply and let them play among the stars. Know that anything and everything is possible. No matter what part your life is playing in the great theatrical production of living.
Our souls magic and the wisdom of the ages is in every breath. When is the last time you allowed yourself to breathe that deeply?"