Tuesday, September 18, 2012

and for sweet dreams ...

and for sweet dreams
might I recommend
something in blue
to float you along
above the moon
afterall who needs
to breathe
the purest air
when a touch of gray
inspires the mind
and for sweet dreams
I invite you
to dance into green
where the light cast shades
from spring bud to hunter
it is within this spectrum
of juliped oxygen
the spirit learns to
exhale the beasts
and inhale the rhythm
and for sweet dreams
I coyly beckon
into the realm of white
a pair of downy swans
for graceful movement
we all know the purest forms
of well ordered madness
waltzes one down the rabbit hole
into the clouds
where the
muses pour
mutli-hued stardust
to propel the dreamers
who sing the seekers
into a lullabied state
...the poets call night

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Appalachian Song

Blue roses from the moon
lightenin in a jar
ladies in a slipper
stories in a star

Red roses from the backroads
song in the pines
fireflies in the valley
magic in the thyme

yellow roses from the mountain
tears in the shine
memories from a stranger
poetry in the vines

pink roses from a meadow
petals in the vale
music in a rainbow
faeries in a bell

Blue roses from the moon
whispers in the breeze
secrets in the moonshine
scattered in the seeds.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

And these new roads are solitary
the company that I seek is not
a someone
with nothing but
my thoughts
and the
and the
my journey
to no one
who I am
is between
me and the
the north  wind
the night song