Saturday, January 10, 2009

What if cats were purple and grapes were the color of raw meat? What if we drove to work in a handbag and danced on the tips of our fingers? What if songs were our bodys way of making love? What if everyone everywhere were free? What if ice cream wasn't fattening and Absolute was at the top of the food pyramid? What if trees nutured our souls and held us close when we wept? What if acceptance was in every breath of our being? And what if love was cheap and poverty was the designer look of the season? What if self loathing and fear were rubberbands and we could shoot them from the clasp of our Coach bags as we sped down a highway made of sunshine and good memories? What if family was another word for neighbor and a butterfly whisphered, "Wake up, the world is waiting for your brillance," in our ear every morning instead of blaring alarm clocks echoing the unfulfilled voids that is as regular as our cup of Columbian? What if Taxi Cabs took us to the moon and dreams led us to Nirvana? Then would you smile?

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