Friday, September 9, 2011

Song of Self

My voice may not always say things
the right way
when I speak
it may
be grammatically incorrect
but inspiration is a state
of being
Grace a state of mind
and insight a random broken verse
in a universe
where perfection is sought
and circles chase themselves
only to reach the same conclusions
so please understand that my thoughts
my state
of being
is a work in progress
and even though I see
sometimes with my eyes
 and my mind
than some with their perfect
I am not afraid to say
you are blind
and your senses not sharpened
and your ennui, passe
overlook, if you will
my lack of meter
I have learned to stand on
my own
 two feet
and write with a rhythm
dictated by the beat
of my own soul
and the music
of the wind.

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