Friday, April 15, 2011

Alabama Absolution

I am of the South of the heart of the pines
of the song of the crickets and blackberry wine
of front porch sittin' and daydreams found
of moon songs and moonshine and old small towns
of cowboys and roughnecks and ladies and cads
of hard work, hard play and barefootin lads
of rivers and creeks and red rover play
of iced- tea- sippin at the end of the day
of magnolias and jasmine and dew on the vine
of bibles and churches and dress-Sunday fine
of kissin and cuddles on Saturday nites
of old kitchen twine and paperbag kites
of fishin' and huntin' and tomatos, green-fried
of football, tailgates and SEC pride
of grandmas and pawpaws and uncles and aunts
of cousins and kin and in-laws by chance
of covered dinners on blanketed grounds
of summer rain and blue-ticked hounds
of Georgia boys and Bama girls
and this and thats
and give it of whirl
of chances taken and chances lost
of heritage and legacy, never countin' the cost
of rope swings, railroads and writers and such
of long lazy days and ain't doin' much
of Mayberried musings and hand-me down songs
of stories and music and warm evenings- long.
of whipoorwills and mourning doves and Robin's breasted red
of love-stiched quilts and buttermilk and big ole feather beds
of me and you and maybe us and clover honey'd bees
of seven sisters and ancient oaks and canopies of leaves
I am of the South of the Heart of the Pines
of a life well lived and a truth that's mine

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