Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twilights and Morning Mists

Heres to freshly ground coffee beans in my favorite blue mug, and the way the winds says good morning. Here's to Ella and Etta crooning and scatting over the liquid grey-green of the Alabama delta as we flow thru the morning mist to begin our day. Here's to deadlines and interviews and artists who share. Here's to lunch with my best gal pal who will be moving across the world with her real true forever love. It takes awhile to find that sometimes you know. Here's to MM's blue berried VI and the Ogre's beautiful translucent soul and Shannon's twinkle and my young Valie asking and seeking both question and answers in the same breath. Here's to Lima beans with ketchup and new friends, and the ones and zeros that cause us to connect with each other and propel each to new awareness. Here's to the promise of Summer, and the air as soft as butterfly kisses- the sweetest of all kisses, except maybe the nape of the neck :-)Here's to a good vintage,RED and music below my feet and bubble baths full of rose petals and dreams full of inspiration. And here's to the hope of one day finding my hearts desire and recognizing it when I do.

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