Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Thoughts. ♥

In betweens
The in betweens are turning out to be the sweetest.
You know the in betweens. In between growing up and growing old -
finding yourself and being found - trying to figure it all out and accepting the realities of what is. My life is in a constant state of not quite good enough.
Better job, more money. Better home, bigger yard, another guy another and set
of issues( for me anyway). Not to mention the whole if I could just loose these many pounds...yeah baby ...life would be sweet.... ha ha hah... I laugh in the face of someday. Some of this is good. Keeps us moving keeps us striving and reaching for more. We never want to become complacent. But what if something more never turns out to be what we think it should?

YA KNOW WHAT?? It never gets figured out. Not really.Rarely are we satisfied with our lives, our bodies, our relationships, our jobs, our... you name it. We learn to adapt and live full lives in the in between moments of muddled clarity. In between this moment and someday is our life. And if we don't start living in the here and nows and savoring the in betweens, all we get is a successions of somedays.

Stripped down tho the bone of just being, a great cup of Sunday morning coffee, deadlines, blue sky.. yep... these in between days... not so bad."

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