Thursday, March 24, 2011

October Blue Revised

What I know for real and true...

These days clarity in most instances is a fleeting wanna be that tickles my nose and touches my hand... teasing me like the answers that float on the breeze. Everything's there you know, in the wind, every answer to every question, every tear ever shed, all the joyous laughter that greens the ages, in the air, all the time. I think Faith is a receptor... our spirits already know the ends and out of navigating the world. We just have to be open to receiving them. Open to the little sounds that the soft breezes whispher.

October blue offers a purity that is want at other times of the year. I find myself asking the really hard questions this month. The soul searching ones. The questions that lead us to choose a path at the proverbial fork in the road. Maybe it's the Harvest of more than Earths bounty, maybe it's the harvesting of our experiences. Maybe by sweet grace, every season that passes leads those of us who try to listen, a little closer to living our truest, most productive lives.

What I know for real and for true, is that answers do come. Paths and pitfalls are navigated sometimes waltzing-ly, other times bumbling and tumbling. The elegance of our journey determined by our abilities to listen to the breeze that whisphers the steps.

'Wisdom sails with wind and time' - John Florio"

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