Wednesday, March 23, 2011

comfortably numb?

How many times do we ask ourselves as we sit behind our desks or trudge through the sludge of everyday…'What the hell am I doing and what am I doing it for?' And of course most of us do what we do for a noble reason, simply to provide for those we love. But what about our spiritual well being? What about those little nagging mid-life questions? Is what I'm doing making a difference? Is the time clock going to dictate the rhythm of my soul? If this life is truly all we get- am I making the most of mine? Is there a better way to provide for my family and be energized and fulfilled at the end of the day? These are questions that need to be addressed. Because the old adage is true—Time waits for no man.

Revisit old dreams and interests. Blow the cobwebs from those wee corners of the mind where wild abandon and childhood joy are hanging on by tiny lil threads 'cuz they know that YOU—the fearless one- will return one day to make all things aright… that YOU will realize that dreams and the pursuit of dreams is a vital function to 'LIVING TRUE'

So whatever you feel is impossible or improbable –GO FOR IT!!! People marry their lives and their dreams everyday. They simply have the gumption and fortitude and are tired of living in the limbo of comfortably numb. You're better than that—there is more out there. Seek and you shall find little one

Ask and it will be given—DON'T BE A CHICKEN SHIT!!! Cuz anything else is just giving up and giving in"

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