Sunday, March 20, 2011

Burnt orange and the Northern Wind

"Kindred Spirits aren't as hard to find as they use to be. People who have a true sense of self, who walk their own path, no matter how lonely. Those who delight at the feel of the grass between their toes and the leaves in the wind are my kind of people, my TRIBE.
I hold to a personal belief that we have all passed this way before in some form or fashion. That we who connect have connected always and will continue to do so. It's odd when we receive encouragement and love from a seeming stranger, but not really. Our tribe holds us up, pushes us forward and makes us brave. But sometimes being truly sublime, unique individuals, it's hard to find true sisters and brothers outside our own front door. So we improvise and we put ourselves out there and we seek and are sought and we come together, if even for a little while to harness the energy of our powerful spirit and hopefully be more productive and less afraid.We walk the path of true kinship and are better for it. So to all my kindreds...thank you."

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