Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Story of Us

It is said that eveyone has a story. Of course this is true. What are we if not on going works of semi- fiction trying to find our path, our people, our other? Everyday we write the words, the sentences, the paragraphs, and chapters that comprise our story. True there are those who are more together, more receptive to Grace, more in tuned to the world outside their own experiences than others. I guess we all have moments of enlightment though :-) even the most clueless of the bunch- those of us who turn in circles and create art from patchworks and moonglow, have our splendid a-ha moments. So we add to the word count that constitutes a story, and share it with those who care to read, hoping that our words resonates somewhere deep inside the walls of others experience. There are those who write in meter, and those who like simple rhyme, and yet others who seems to effortlessly knock out epics every week of their lives. But sometimes, too many words and superfulous adjectives create gridlock on our pages. Maybe, just maybe we need to take a moment and let the silence speak for us. Maybe, just maybe, we need to trust that sometimes, LIFE writes our story, and not the other way around. Those of us who trust in the North Wind, don't always understand the verbage or structure of the Higher Power that edits our content, but we trust in the end, Happy Endings will come, and our stories will serve as some sort of quasi- academia for those who care to settle in for a good read on a Winter's evening."

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